Our 2020-2021 dance season starts September 9, 20120 and runs through June 5, 2020. Tuition is calculated by the amount of hours per week a dancer is registered in. Siblings may add their hours together. Tuition may be paid in full for the entire dance year or paid in 9 equal monthly payments. Those registering after the season has begun will not be charged for classes that have already taken place.

Dancing with Toddlers is 45 Minutes and is $351 or 39/month

1 hour class a week = $450/Sept-May

or 9 $50/monthly payments


1.5 hours =$65/mth or $585/yr
2 hours = $80/mth or $720/yr
2.5 hours = $95/mth or 855/yr
3 hours = $110/mth or $990/yr
3.5 hours = $125/mth or $1125/yr
4 hours = $140/mth or $1260/yr
4.5 hours = $155/mth or $1395/yr
5 hours = $170/mth or $1530/yr
5.5 hours = $185/mth or $1665/yr
6 hours = $200/mth or $1800/yr
6.5 hours = $210/mth or $1890/yr

Family Unlimited Hours
7+ hours = $220/mth or $1980/yr